Lifeboat Launching Timeline


The times given are  expressed as a “window” in which each boat is believed to have been launched.  Obviously, the men and women, crew and passengers alike, on the Titanic that night had more important things on their mind than noting the precise times of individual events.  Some “authorities” will list specific times for the launch of particular boats, but examination of such precision reveals that it rests on assumptions and presumptions made and inferences drawn from circumstantial evidence–not the most reliable basis for assertions of exactitude.

Approximate Launch Time        Boat

12:40–12:45 AM                  Boat No. 7

12:40–12:50 AM                  Boat No. 5

12:45–12:55 AM                  Boat No. 6

12:55–1:00 AM                    Boat No. 3

1:00–1:05 AM                      Boat No. 1

1:00–1:10 AM                      Boat No. 8

1:15–1:20 AM                      Boat No. 9

1:20–1:25 AM                      Boat No. 10

1:20–1:25 AM                      Boat No. 12

1:25–1:35 AM                      Boat No. 14

1:25–1:30 AM                      Boat No. 13

1:35–1:40 AM                      Boat No. 16

1:35–1:40 AM                      Boat No. 15

1:35–1:45 AM                      Collapsible C

1:45–1:50 AM                      Boat No. 2

1:45–1:55 AM                      Boat No. 11

1:50–1:55 AM                      Boat No. 4

2:05–2:10 AM                      Collapsible D

2:18 AM*                            Collapsible A

2:18 AM*                            Collapsible B

*Some authorities will state that Collapsibles A and B were “launched” at 2:20 AM, when they floated off the forward end of the Titanic‘s superstructure as she took her final plunge.  This is incorrect: the two collapsibles floated off the Boat Deck when it submerged, which occurred at least two minutes before the ship actually sank.

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