Collapsible A

MAXIMUM CAPACITY:   47  TOTAL IN BOAT:  12 (out of approximately 30 who were in or reached the boat)


FIRST CLASS Thomson Beattie, 36, Manitoba, died in the boat; Peter Denis Daly; George Lucien Rheims; Mr. Richard Norris Williams II.      TOTAL:    


THIRD CLASS: Mrs. Stanton (Rhoda, sometimes referreed to as “Rosa”) Abbott;  Olaus Abelseth; Carl Olof Jansson; Carl Jonsson; Edvard B. Lindell, died in the boat; Mrs. Edvard B. (Elin) Lindell, died while clinging to the side of the boat; Gunnar I. Tenglin; William H. Tornquist; Mr. August E. (“Gus”) Wennerstrom.   TOTAL:  9

CREW:   Edward Brown,first-class saloon steward; John Thompson, fireman.     TOTAL:  2

UNNAMED:a boy with a name that sounded like “volunteer,” according to Olaus Abelseth; two (possibly three) crewmen who died in the boat before being rescued.   TOTAL:  3 (4?)

NOTE:  Collapsible A was one of the last two boats to leave the Titanic (the other being Collapsible B).  Both were stored atop the forward superstructure abreast of the first funnel.  First Officer Murdoch was able to successfully bring Collapsible A down to the Boat Deck and connect it to the falls used by Lifeboat No. 1 and Collapsible D.  However, before A could be loaded and launched, the forward end of the Titanic’s superstructure went under (this would have been around 2:15 AM, just moments before the ship sank) and the boat had to be cut free from the falls.  As it floated away, a handful of swimmers reached it and were able to climb aboard, but they were unable to fully raise the canvas sides of the boat, so it remained partly awash, the survivors standing almost knee-deep in seawater until they were taken off by Boats 4 and 12 some hours later.  During this time a number of swimmers reached the boat, most too exhausted to climb over the shallow gunwales, and they subsequently froze to death.  When Collapsible A was abandoned, three bodies were left behind, only to be recovered by the RMS Oceanic (ironically, a White Star liner) a month later, some 160 miles southeast of where the boat had been abandoned.  One of them was positively identified at Thompson Beattie; all three were buried at sea.

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